Jul 17

2017 – 5th Annual Kids Fishing Derby

Jul 17

2nd Annual Island Lake Rodeo July21-22, 2017


FRIDAY, July 21

  • Pitch Fork Fondue 5-7pm

    • $15/person Children 10 & Under $7

  • Rodeo 6-9pm

    • Tickets Adults $13, Child (3-12) $6

Saturday, July 22

  • 9-11 AM Cowboy Breakfast

    • Rough Grouse Roadhouse $10 Buffet

  • 2-4PM Preliminaries (SLACK)

  • 2-8 PM Kid's Fun

    • Mechanical Bull, Inflatable Games

  • 6-9 PM Rodeo

    • Tickets Adults $13, Child (3-12) $6


Jul 03

Island Lake Annual Meeting 2017



Saturday, July 15


Meeting at 10:00 am – Lunch at Noon   Food and Beverages will be provided by your Lake Association. (Just bring your appetites) All Island Lake Property Owners are invited!! Not a member? You may sign up for membership at the meeting. Receive a complimentary 2017 Island Lake Phone Directory Annual Meeting Issues:
  • Election of 4 Directors,
  • Invited - Mahnomen County Sheriff and Conservation Officer
  • Bring Your Concerns and Your Ideas for Projects!
Door Prizes and Island Lake T-shirts available to sale by Valerie Radtke   Come and learn how the Association is working to improve your quality of life at Island Lake.  

Jun 26

June 2017 – Board Meeting Minutes

ISLAND LAKE IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION, INC Board Meeting Minutes June 17, 2017 The meeting was called to order at 9:15 am by President Bob Bina at the Ruffed Grouse Roadhouse. Members Present: Bob Bina,Tom Tezel, Ashley Stroble, Jeff Weatherly, Tim Keckler and Kay Sandsmark. Not Present: Matt Oppegard and Mark Worshek
  • Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the May 13, 2017 board meeting were presented. With no additions or corrections to the minutes,
  • Tom made a motion 2nd by Tim to approve the minutes. Approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Report was presented by Tim Keckler. Income since the May 13, 2017 meeting included 40 memberships $1,200 and dust control money from Island Lake Township $5,000, Total Income $6,200. Expenses since May 13, 2017 were $6,386.70 for dust control on lake roads. Balance June 17, 2017: $4522.90
  • Jeff made a motion 2nd by Tom to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion approved.
  • Boat Parade: Kay reported that Sheriff Krier will be leading the boat parade again this year. The direction will be clockwise – West Shore first.
  • Annual Meeting:
  1. Speakers: Sheriff Krier will attend the meeting. Unfortunately, Dan Malenowski is on medical leave and won’t be available. He has asked to have a replacement attend the meeting. We have decided not to ask Garden Valley Telephone for a representative this year.
  2. Lunch: Menu has been discussed and set with Gay Otness and it will be self-serve.
  3. Raffle: Kay has asked Marilyn Bren for help obtaining the gifts for the raffle. Board members were asked to help with the raffle during the meeting.
  4. Island Lake Shirts: Valerie Radtke has new ideas for shirts and coffee cups and has asked if she can sell during the meeting.
  5. Lepier Docks will also set up outside the Roadhouse before the meeting.
  • Fishing Tournament: Bob will prepare flyers to have available for the Annual Meeting. Kay will be in charge of getting the tent and food.
  • Dust Control: The laying of dust control has be delayed once again this year and the company is waiting for another delivery of calcium chloride. May be another 10 days.
  • Re-Election of Board Members: The following board members are up for re- election in 2017. Kay Sandsmark, Tom Tezel, Matt Oppegard and Mark Worshek. Kay has said she would continue on the board. Tom has decided he can’t give enough time to the board and will not continue. Kay will notify Matt and Mark.
  • Pay dues online: Ashley asked about the option of paying dues online and Tim will work at setting that up.
  • Improve public access on the west side: It was discussed about what could be done to improve the access on the west side with possible making it deeper and adding a dock. We will look into what our options are and check with the DNR.
  • Lepier Rodeo: The Lepier Rodeo will be held July 21-22, 2017.
Adjourn: Tim made the motion 2nd by Jeff to adjourn the meeting at 10:15. - Approved

May 12

2017 Lake Weed Removal

2017 Lake Weed Removal

Spring has arrived!  It’s time once again to enjoy our beautiful lakes.  At Dockside Aquatic Services, we specialize in by-the-root aquatic weed removal for jobs as small as your private residential lakeshore to jobs as big as weed removal from your whole lake.  If you are ready to get your lakeshore in shape for summer and want to enjoy a weed-free season, contact us today!  Our schedule is filling fast, especially during the peak swim months.  Call Matt at 651-442-6467 or visit DocksideAquatics.com to schedule residential or large area weed removal.
Copyright © 2017 Dockside Aquatics, LLC, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you care about Minnesota lakes and want to combat the environmental hazards of AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species)Our mailing address is:
Dockside Aquatics, LLC
880 Sibley Memorial Highway, Suite 100
St Paul, MN 55118
Add us to your address book

May 07


Island Lake 2017 Summer Events

  Please check our website for any updates.   Http://ourislandlake.org
  • Saturday June 10 - Rummage Sales 8 – 3:00
  • Tuesday July 4 - Island Lake Boat Parade  - 11:00 am
  • Saturday July 15 – ILIA Annual Meeting  - 10:00 am at Roadhouse (All property owners are welcome)
  • Saturday August 5 – 4th Annual Kid’s - Fishing Tournament 8:00-12:00 (All kids 14 and under are welcome!)


  • The mission of the Association shall be to improve, maintain and beautify those amenities in and about the vicinity of Island Lake with the primary goal of improving the quality of life for the community.
  Welcome!! New Island Lake Owners!
  • We try to gather the most update information available from Mahnomen County through our former ILIA. Inc. Secretary, Bud Puffinberger. He does a wonderful job but if there are any properties that have changed hands that we have not listed please contact Kay Sandsmark at 668-3028 or kaysandsmark@gmail.com.   Thank you!
  • Daniel & Cynthia Chaney         13071 ILRE
  • Matthew & Naomi Hagen         2909 129th St.
  • Jason & Erica Hearn                 2891 129th St.
  • Lawrence & Bonnie Kraft         2875 129th St.
  • Craig Larsen                               2888 125th St.
  • John & Kirsten Shockley         13593 ILRE
  • 2017 Dust Control
  • Island Lake Association with assistance from the Island Lake Township will have calcium chloride applied to the entrances of the East and West Lake Roads again this year. Gloria Winkler from Mahnomen County Highway Dept. just notified townships and individuals of the costs and deadlines for this year. The deadline for applications and payments is May 30.. The calcium chloride will be applied June 5-12 depending on weather, etc.. Anyone interested in the program should check the information on the Mahnomen County Highway Dept. website.
  • Sign up for Mahnomen County Red Alert
  • Red Alert is the early warning system available through Mahnomen and Polk Counties. You can receive weather and other related warnings pertaining to the Island Lake area that come through the sheriff’s office.
  • Land lines with the 668 prefix are already in the system. If you would like to receive these warnings on your cell phone or home phone you will need to sign up online or call the Mahnomen County Sheriff’s office at their non-emergency number: 218-935-2255.
  • To sign up online, go to the Mahnomen County Sheriff website. Click on the Red Alert picture. Enter your information and you will need to enter Lengby under “other” city since it is in Polk County.
  • Since Island Lake is so close to the Polk County line, you might want to also subscribe to Red Alert on the Polk County website: Co.Polk.MN.US
  • Aquatic Invasive Species in MN Update
  • Since the 1980’s, Minnesota has been fighting many forms of aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil and the latest starry stonewart in our lakes and rivers. Lake Associations and the State Legislature have been very pro-active in providing funds in this fight to keep MN waterways clean and safe.
  • The following is information from MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates concerning 2017 legislative actions:
  • “The Minnesota Aquatic Species Research Center founded in 2012 by Dr. Peter Sorenson, was established to find scientific solutions to kill or control aquatic invasive species in Minnesota, specifically zebra mussels and Asian carps, with a lesser focus on other species. With the discovery of the highly destructive algae starry stonewart on Lake Koronis in 2015, their mission has become even more urgent.
  • The Center is making headway, but the initial funding provided by the Minnesota Legislature is running out.” Two bills are currently making their way through the legislature that would provide funding for another two years.
  • Finding a science-driven solution to kill AIS seems to be our best chance at not only restoring lakes like Mille Lacs, whose fishery was “significantly degraded by zebra mussels and spiny water flea, or Koronis where access to the lake has been severely curtailed by starry stonewart, but also to prevent even more lakes and communities from suffering these fates.”
  • While there are a host of organizations at the state and local level that are doing a great job of communication, education, inspection, decontamination and mitigation of AIS. They all agree that a scientific solution to the problem would be a long term investment to protect Minnesota’s most valuable resource our public waters.
  • Another cause for concern in 2015/2016 the MN DNR had to make up a budget shortfall by lowering the funding levels for aquatic invasive species grants that helped to fund the installation of cleaning stations at infested lakes and other similar services. This year the MN DNR awarded these reduced grants on a first-come, first-served basis until potential funding was used up. They were gone in a few days! These grants are critical to local efforts to keep the public waterways usable for everyone in the state.
  Island Lake has been very lucky, so far, not to have had any of these issues invade our waters. But we all know that it is only a matter of time! With a new boating season starting, please clean and check any new boats, pontoons, docks or lifts before putting them in the lakee.
  • Attention: ATV and Side by Side Owners!!!
  •  The DNR has begun a new program called PlayCleanGo.org warning ATV and Side by Side users to clean their ATV’s and Side by Sides before entering or leaving any recreational area. This is to halt the spread of any plants and wildlife from one area to another. The steps include:
  1. Remove plants, animals and mud from boots, gear pets and vehicle
  2. .Clean your gear before entering and leaving the recreational area
  3. Stay on designated roads and trails
  4. Use certified or local firewood and hay
  • For more information visit: PlayCleanGo.org

Stop Invasive Species in your Tracks!!


Summary of 2015 Island Lake Fish Survey

  • Hadley Boehm from the MN Fisheries Dept. presented the 2015 Island Lake Fish Survey to the ILIA, Inc. 2016 Annual Meeting. Below is a summary of the findings:
  • “Since 1908 fish stocking of Island Lake has included sunfish, suckers, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye.”
  • Walleye: Walleye spawning habitat is extremely limited, and any natural reproduction that occurs is negligible. The 2015 gill net catch was 7.7 per net, which was above the Island Lake historic mean of 6.1 per net. Walleye ranged in size from 9.1 inches to 27.1 inches long with an average of 16 inches. Walleye growth remains good.
  • Currently, Walleye is the only species that continues to be stocked and has consisted of a variety of sizes and ages.   The 2015 Stocking Report shows the following amounts were added:
  • Walleye Fingerlings - 6,844
  • Walleye Yearlings – 1,433
  • Walleye Adults – 96
  • Northern Pike: Gill net catch for Northern Pike was 11.6 per net in 2015, which is near an historical record. Northern Pike spawning habitat has been somewhat limited in low water years. However, recent high waters have likely contributed to increased Northern Pike numbers as a result of greater spawning habitat availability. Average length of Northern Pike was 22.3, ranging from 14.5 inches to 33.9 inches.
  • Bluegill: Net catches in 2015 averaged 20.5 per net, which is above average for Island Lake. Average length was 6.5 inches and ranged in size from 3.7 to 9 inches.
  • Black Crappie:  Net catch in 2015 was the highest on record at 23.4 per net, which is well above both the Island Lake average and that of similar lakes in the state. Average length was 5.9 inches, and ranged in size from 3.3 to 11.1 inches.
  • Outlook for Island Lake: “With continuing shoreline and watershed development, this productive and valuable fishing will need help on several fronts to be sustained. Anglers can help to maintain balance in fish populations by voluntarily releasing a portion of medium and large fish and keeping smaller ones for eating. This is particularly true for Northern Pike and Bluegill. Shoreline owners and other watershed dwellers can help can help to maintain or improve water quality and fish habitat by leaving shoreline buffer zones, by leaving stands of native aquatic vegetation intact, by taking precautions to prevent invasive species introductions, and by using wise land management practices.”
  • For Further information go to MN DNR.com
  Beware of Blue-green algae!!! As spring turns to summer, Island Lake often has warm days when we have a covering of blue-green algae. This is not an algae but a type of bacteria that thrives in warm, nutrient rich water. When conditions are right, the bacteria can grow quickly forming “blooms.” Blue-green algae blooms are often described as looking like pea soup or spilled green paint and can produce a swampy odor when the cells break down. People and animals can become sick from HABs after swimming, boating, waterskiing, tubing, bathing, or showering in water with an HAB. Everyone should avoid contact with water where the blue-green algae is present!    Check the website: health.state.mn.us for further information.                                                      Check us out online at:  OurIslandLake.org                                   
  • 2017 Membership Renewal
  • Spring and summer is the time to renew your annual ILIA, Inc. membership. Membership to ILIA, Inc. allows your voice to be heard with respect to Island Lake issues and to be involved in Association activities and projects.
  • We want all property owners on the lake to GET INVOLVED!! By increasing our membership, the Association can take on projects that will improve the quality of life and recreation at Island Lake.
  • Thank You to all our loyal members!!
  • Please Join Us in 2017!!!             Dues are $30
  • Annual Dues for fiscal year June 1, 2017-May 31, 2018 are $30.00      
  • Checks should be made to:
   Island Lake Improvement Association, Inc. or, ILIA, Inc. - Please mail this form and your membership dues    and directory update to: Tim Keckler, ILIA, Inc. Treasurer, 604 Lynn Dawn Dr., Argusville, ND 58005  
  • YOUR NAME __________________________________________
  Please provide the most recent, accurate addresses so that we can update the Island Lake Improvement Association, Inc. Directory of property owners. Copies of the directory are available to Association members only. Call the Association Secretary (668-3028) for your copy..  
  • LAKE ADDRESS ________________________________________LAKE PHONE ______________________
  • HOME ADDRESS _______________________________________HOME PHONE _____________________
  • EMAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________
 Let’s “Go Green”! Receive your newsletter or other communication from the Association via email. We will not only save paper but also the cost of postage.   Island Lake Improvement Association, Inc. 13586 Island Lake Road West Lengby, MN 56651  

  1. Based on a Mahnomen County law, Island Lake is in a shoreland management area. Before beginning to build a structure, to replace a structure, or to place a building of any type on land within 1,000 feet of the high water level of the lake, one must get a land use permit from the County Office of Zoning and Sanitation (2180935-5639). A building includes a house, barn, storage shed or boathouse (wooden, metal, plastic or rubber construction), camping trailer or RV, mobile home, garage, privy, etc. Also, a permit is required countywide to modify or install a septic system on private property.
  2. Burning Restrictions – There are State and County limits to what one can burn legally in the backyard or on the property. Also, there often are burning restrictions due to weather conditions and a burning permit is usually required to burn allowed materials, except a campfire or in a fire ring. Contact the Fosston Fire Department (218-435-2354) for current requirements or to obtain a permit.
  3.    Trash and Recycling – household garbage can be dropped off at the Fosston Incinerator which is 1 block north of the Fosston Off Sale.       Recycling bins are also located at the same site. Plastic, cans and glass items all go into the same bin. Construction rubble, household items, paint, oil and tires should be taken to the designated area that is open 9-5 Monday-Friday.       There is a charge for tires.                            

Sep 06

RV and Boat Storage

Boat and/or RV Storage this winter contact Mark W 218-230-4648.